Powerful onsite inspections

Our onsite mapping and surveying service will assist you in making vital decisions relating to your property or project.

Using autonomous flight, we can create a detailed orthomosaic, comprised of hundreds of high resolution images, for reference both now and in the future.

Step by step, we can document your project coming to life or utilise thermal imaging to detect hotspots, water ingress and more.  Data that cannot be identified by regular RGB photographic processes.

Elevation analysis will help you plan irrigation and drainage on your property, and you can monitor progress on your construction or building site.

We are able to safely assess potentially hazardous areas, such as steep and rocky land, and perform site inspections without disturbing the surroundings.


We can capture the data you need to analyze your property, construction or building site.

Orthomosaic of Glebe Park, Bega.

Plant Health NDVI Image Glebe Park

Looks like a slice of pizza!  Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) is a graphical indicator that can be used to assess whether the location being observed contains healthy green vegetation.

NDVI is simply a ratio of near infrared (NIR) reflectivity minus red reflectivity (VIS) over NIR plus VIS.

Captured for environmental assessment and planning requirements. Total area 6.07 hectares.

Elevation Image Glebe Park

Want to know the best place to sink a dam or how to address drainage issues?  This elevation model provides a clear look at moisture collection points and topography.