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Flying Parrot has morphed into existence from my previous business, Far South Design.  Colourful and fast moving, the Flying Parrot always gets attention as he flies past!


Photography and design is in my blood, growing up, my parents owned a camera business in Auckland in the 70's and 80's.  I was given my first camera at age 4 (yes, I still have the pictures) and my passion for photography has ebbed & flowed over the years.

My mother was a nationally recognised photographer in NZ, awarded several medals for her black and white portraits.  I have fond memories of assisting with developing and enlarging photos in our family bathroom under infrared light.

I studied interior design back in the 90's, but somehow ended up in the sign and graphics industry, working with my partner Dirk designing marketing material and signage - everything from business cards to billboards.


I have over 20 years experience creating for a wide range of businesses from small owner/operators through to corporate clients and tourism bodies.


Running solo since 2007, I collaborate frequently with Dirk who is a fantastic designer and craftsman in his own right - we work from the same building which is very handy.  There's always a bunch of projects coming and going, which we both love.

I'm interested in marketing trends and what drives people to do what they do. I love the psychology of selling and creating the magic combination that hits the mark and gets results.


I'm continually honing my skills to master the art of the 'soft sell' in today's ad-saturated market and learn new skills across a range of applications.


Not just a designer, I like to be hands-on and build stuff too, must be my tradie roots.

My goal is to assist small businesses with the different challenges they face in an increasingly competitive market with clever concepts, smart graphics, technology and imagination.



Being a photographer, I prefer to stay on the other side of the lens, so here's a portrait of myself done by my partner Dirk Rampling.